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Healthcare shouldn't have to be so hard

Our healthcare system has long ignored many of the realities of the Patient Journey:


That our experience of health is equal parts physical, mental, and spiritual. That 80% of healthcare happens outside the clinic. That social factors often determine outcomes. That without time, money, and expertise, navigating the system successfully can be impossible. 


Those failures impact not just patients, but caregivers and providers as well.

At WiseCare, our “true north” is recognizing, supporting, and perfecting the Patient Journey. We aim to make healthcare effective, efficient, and human.

To do that, we are constantly and continually obsessed with the patient, provider, and stakeholder experiences. And we align with people and organizations who relentlessly put experience first.

We value exceptional experience, transparency, and compassion.

All the time, in everything we do.


Gail Zahtz, WiseCare Founder and CEO


"When I was a late-stage cancer patient in a nursing home, legally blind and reliant on a wheelchair, I spent a lot of time looking at the empty chair in the doctor’s office. I committed to making sure that other patients, caregivers and providers never felt that alone. It’s such an honor, now that I am better, to lead the WiseCare team and the patients, caregivers and providers we serve to make that commitment a reality.”


—  Gail Zahtz

     Founder and CEO

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